Car Spray Booths in TV and Film

The film and TV industries are fast-paced and often require quick changes at short notice. In addition, budgets are tighter than ever, and studios need to find the most cost-effective way to carry out all activities required.
Thousands, sometimes millions of pounds rely on the punctuality of shooting scenes of movies or tv shows. There is a great deal of pressure to ensure that vehicles are correctly maintained and repaired as necessary. 
When it comes to vehicles, carrying out changes or repairs on-set or close by is incredibly valuable. It also provides a confidentiality level, taking away the need to use a third-party service or garage. 

The Smartshop from David Utting Engineering offers a unique plug and play car body spray and repair solution. A Smart shop can be installed and commissioned within 2 hours and is entirely self-contained. It can be utilised for cosmetic and smart repairs or full paint application. The unit layout can be specified according to your requirements on-site and can be made to accommodate vehicles up to the size of a long wheel based high top van. Additional modules, such as prep bays can also be added for a full on-site solution. 

Delivering a Smartshop Spray Booth
The beauty of a Smartshop paint spray booth is its ability to be installed virtually anywhere. If you’re on location without easy access to a paint shop, the Smartshop can be ready within 2 hours of delivery. Having the option of additional modules also means you can carry out further work simultaneously or add an office, prep bay or wheel workshop options. If you move location, the Smartshop can be moved with you and again ready to use within 2 hours. This mobile paint spray booth also offers complete protection against inclement weather and allows staff to work any time of day and in any conditions; you’re not restricted to the working hours of a third party garage or service.

Having the Smartshop on-site or on location saves time and money either waiting for the traditional ‘man with a van’ repair service or sending the vehicles away to an off-site repair centre. Depending on the third-party repair services' workload, you may have a considerable wait for vehicles to be repaired or resprayed and returned to you. This is not ideal when you’re filming on a tight schedule. Unexpected repairs are more challenging to manage and can cause costly delays.

If you’re working within the TV and Film industry and looking for an easy solution for on-site vehicle repairs or alterations, get in touch with us today. We will help you find the right Smartshop solution to suit your requirements.