About Us

David Utting Engineering was founded over 100 years ago and moved to the current site in 1918. In the early days, the business had its routes firmly in motor trade which in a small part, still does today. In 1988, the company developed the Automotive Spraybooth business. Over the years, the company gained many manufacturers’ approvals.

In 2012, the company developed a unique product, the “Car Smartshop”. This product has been a game changer for the automotive industry, providing a fast, cost effective solution for a smart repair facility to suit the needs of dealerships, many of which do not have sufficient space for an onsite body shop. Furthermore, accident repairs are not suited to many dealerships’ business models but have a need to support the sales and service departments. Hence, the Car Smartshop is a simple solution to accommodate that requirement. 

Since the original concept in dealerships, further models have been developed for car manufacturers and film studios, including additional units for preparation, reception and component production. 

Car Smartshops are a unique patent product with the patent stretching across the world, to include USA, Canada, Australia and Europe which are now being developed. Car Smartshops are a simple, flexible, cost effective and quick solution for low bake paint applications. For this reason, Car Smartshops have become a game changer.


Operated by Automotive repair system at Vauxhall dealership in Wimbledon:

Operated by Paintchip at Brentcross and Lakeside Shopping Centre:

Delivery of a standard car smartshop at Sytner PDI site in Bracknell: