1200 Series Automotive Paint Booths


The range has been extensively developed and widely acclaimed by major paint manufacturers.  The 1200 automotive paint booths are synonymous with high quality, cost efficiency and durability which now brings you the ultimate in automotive refinishing plant. These paint spray booths offer a turnkey solution that is energy efficient and tailored to the needs of all types of vehicle manufacturing facilities, body shops and many other applications.

Programmable Logic Controlled paint curing profiles provide the bodyshop with the ultimate profit enhancing tool – supported for its lifetime by Nationwide After-Sales Service organisation.  One important criteria of the 1200 Range booth technology was to design a spraybooth for water based paint systems rather than just putting a “blower system” in an existing design as in the case of nearly all its’s competitors.

Inside 1200 series spray booth

1200 series spray booths in situ


1200 range of booths are available in varying sizes to accommodate individual bodyshop requirements.  Extra length for car panel painting, extra height for light commercial vehicles and main entry doors in three and four leaf configuration. Exterior 1200's are also available, which can be external to the building - taking up less valuable floor space. Cabins are available in a range of colours to enhance your bodyshop colour scheme or promote your corporate image.

Air Handling

Air inlet and air extraction fans are factory balanced, backward curved centrifugal type. Directly driven by high efficiency motors with optional variable speed drive for ultimate control.



For optimum efficiency and reliability.  The 1200 range offers fully integrated Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) for all operating functions.  A truly automatic system for individual paint processes.  Controlling temperature to – or + 0.5oc.


Easily cleaned, solvent resistant, interlocking wall panel system.  Doors, walls and ceiling fully insulated to conserve energy.


Full width ceiling filters to EU5 Din 24185, to ensure inclusion free paint finishes.


Superb lighting to 2000 lux with full spectrum lighting.

1200 series spray booths in situ

Outside view of paint shop

Ecosave System

  • The spraybooth normally operates during the final preparation and masking stage, this warms the panel to be painted, during this operation our system automatically reduces the input fan speed by 60%.  The cabin pressure is controlled by the extractor fan together with temperature are both operated by PID control within the Siemens PLC and VSD.  The system operates at this reduced level until the painter commences spraying, the system then returns to 100% and remains at that level until 3 minutes after the completion of the application before returning to the reduced level.
  • Automatic pressure balancing without in-duct.
  • Automatic standby-mode to reduce running costs.
  • Dramatic reduction in running costs.
  • Multi-function selection of individual paint processes
  • 100% enhanced capital allowance under government Carbon Trust Scheme.

Option Enhanced Curing System

  • For the rapid drying of the latest generation of water-based automotive paint products.
  • Multi directional air input nozzles by “Grada International” installed within “clean zones” at high level in the booth.
  • Variable Speed Drive to air input fan to provide ultimate control of air velocity.
  • Independent selection of nozzles. It puts the high velocity air where you need it.
  • Can be retro-fitted into existing spraybooths.
  • Vailiable speed drive for ultimate control.

If you would like to know more about the 1200 Series automotive spray booths and the benefits they can have for your business, please contact us.

Inside view of paint booth