Car Smartshop Spray Booths

Introducing a unique patented concept in plug-and-play from David Utting Engineering - the Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth.

This booth offers versatile solutions for various industries, such as car manufacturing and film studios, as it can be utilised for smart repair and cosmetic tasks. Industries urgently needing to increase capacity can benefit from a portable paint booth.

The latest Innovation

Efficiency and innovation go hand in hand with full compliance at the core of the Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth, the latest understanding of these values by David Utting Engineering. A prefabricated unit, exemplifying Full Compliance, can be installed anywhere on-site. The Mobile Spray Booth unit takes up just 9m x 4m of space and is immediately ready to use upon delivery at your location.

This plug-and-play, low-bake, low-energy mobile car paint booth is designed to meet the demands of modern car dealerships and other automotive businesses that require premium quality spray painting results without breaking the bank.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Car Smartshop features a Siemens touch screen process control, dust extraction, HPC compressed air system, paint mix room with Sata gun cleaner, office and storage areas for seamless operation. The Mobile Spray Booth is a perfect controlled environment for dealerships and businesses looking to offer on-site cosmetics and smart repairs for their customers, without the added costs of sending vehicles off-site for repair services.

Inside Smartshop spray booth

Smart shop control system

Smart repairs made easy with Mobile Spray Booths

Most modern car dealerships lack a body shop on site, and with ground space being at a premium, mobile spray booths have become a game-changer for on-site repair services.

In the past, dealerships relied on temporary man-with-van repair booths, which were susceptible to interference by outdoor elements and other factors that could compromise the quality of results. This repair setup also required vehicles to be transported off-site, resulting in additional expenses and potential inconvenience for customers.

By using the Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth, dealerships can now easily provide on-site cosmetic and smart repairs to their customers. This Mobile Spray Booth is designed to withstand most weather conditions and has a gridded floor with dust extraction, lighting, ventilation, and heating. It also offers the flexibility of additional prep bays, single or multiple units, and reception modules, ensuring the ability to cater to diverse customer needs. The Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth is a versatile solution that makes dealership locations and smart repairs a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Full product facilities

David Utting Engineering provides more comprehensive solutions. They offer extensive models with fully extracted gridded floors. This provides car dealerships with complete paint spraying facilities.

Size and additional facilities for Mobile Spray Booths

Car Smartshop Mobile Car Spray Booths are available in various sizes, with options large enough to accommodate long-wheel-based high-top vans. Whatever your spray painting requirements, the Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth is a versatile, innovative, and cost-effective option to consider.

Smartshop being installed

Smartshop layout drawing


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If you're searching for a cost-effective mobile spray-painting solution, the Car Smartshop Mobile Spray Booth from David Utting Engineering is ideal. It is perfect for dealerships and other automotive businesses looking to provide high-quality, on-site cosmetics and smart repairs to their customers.

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Standard Smart Shop Layout drawing

Standard Smart Shop

Standard Smart Shop (with office) Layout Drawing

Standard Smart Shop with Office

Standard Smart Shop (with Wheel Bay) Layout Drawing

Standard Smart Shop with Wheel Bay

Standard smart shop (with prep bay) layout drawing

Standard Smart Shop with Prep Bay

Smart shop plus layout drawing

Smart Shop Plus

Smart shop plus (with double prep bay) layout drawing

Smart Shop Plus with Double Prep Bay


Spray bay being delivered

Smart Shop Bays

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