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Introducing a revolutionary new concept in automotive spraybooths.
The Smartshop from David Utting Engineering.
What is it?
The Smartshop, from David Utting Engineering, is a new concept facility which fills the gap between the van & tent mobile repair shop in the car park which can be affected by weather conditions or removing the vehicle to an off-site bodyshop.
Smartshop Logo
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The Smartshop is a plug-and-play spraybooth that a dealership can have installed on site to provide a fully-compliant, self-contained, state of the art, turnkey facility which can be up and running on the day of delivery - delivering profit from the word go and operating no matter the weather.

The latest innovation

Most modern car dealerships do not have body shops on site. Ground space is at a premium; service booths and showrooms are important organs of the business; reducing any capacity in those areas could reduce service levels and harm profit.

These dealerships have to rely on man-with-van temporary repair booths for on-site repair services which are open to interference by the elements or they must send off vehicles etc to off-site repair centres all extra overheads.

The Smartshop is delivered - pre-fabricated - by David Utting Engineering and can be installed anywhere on site; at just 9m x 4m it can be easily positioned, levelled and plugged into the dealership electricity supply. It is immediately ready to run: a plug-and-play, low bake, low energy paint shop.

It contains all of the latest spraybooth technology as featured in the state-of-the-art XP1200 David Utting Engineering unit: Siemens touch screen process controls, flush-fitting retractable air lines, has consumables storage space, alarm. A self-contained gas supply is located at the back of the Smartshop. It is ideal for a one or two-person stand alone operation and can offer dealers a new business streams: easy up-sell, same day repairs and enhanced customer experience.

The Smartshop can be rented from David Utting Engineering. This makes it ideal for short-term contracts and reduces long-term burden on the dealership.

The Smartshop design is now fully patented by the creator, David Utting Engineering. Smartshop and the Smartshop logo is a registered trademark of David Utting Engineering Ltd.

Delivering results

The pilot installation was made at the Mercedes Benz Tony Purslow dealership in January 2013, and is operated in conjunction with Smart Repair Shops Ltd. The dealership was looking at ways to include bodyshop repairs into its operations but the existing premises was being fully utilised. David Utting’s complete solution was offered and the design was put into production and has subsequently received full Mercedes approval.

Paul Thrower is After Sales Director at the dealership: “I have tried numerous methods of ‘smart repair’ - all of which proved unreliable and unsightly. The Smartshop seemed to good to be true when I first heard but it has proved its worth. I have two booths, one inside in a workshop and another external one sited close to our valet unit. They look the part ' very professional ' and the extent of the work they can do is phenomenal, the quality is first class.

It has given our aftersales team a real sell-up opportunity; work can be turned around on the same day and the cost is competitive. The sales team now prep far more cars, allowing better profit per unit and more retail cars to be sold.”

“It’s not very often that you can say something is a no-brainer! However, this is genuinely one of those rare occasions.” - Paul Thrower, Tony Purslow Mercedes Benz.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet

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